Stephen W. Nicholas is President of Air Industries, Inc. an Independent Factory Trained and Authorized Manufacturer’s Representative. Steve has been involved in the field of air filtration since 1984. He has over 20 years of field experience with professional training by the Harvard School of Public Health for certifying In-Place HEPA filter testing for nuclear and non-nuclear applications. He is a National Air Filtration Association, (NAFA) certified filter technician, (NCT) and certified air filtration specialist, (CAFS). Steve has successfully completed training by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Building Air Quality. He is also certified by the National Balancing Institute (NBI) for Testing Adjusting and Balancing (TAB), HVAC systems and an HVAC system diagnostics technician.

Mr. Nicholas serves on several industry committees such as the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Committee, NAFA Education Committee and past Chairman of the Technical Committee. Steve is currently Vice President of AFE Chapter 33, Boston, Past President of AFE Worcester Area Chapter 74, Region 8 Membership Chair and AFE Vice Chair of the Health Care Facilities Council. He serves on the Executive Board of Directors as President of NAFA, and is a Voting Member of ASHRAE SPC 180P “Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of HVAC Systems”. Steve is also a member of ASHRAE GPC 26 “Guideline for Field Testing of General Ventilation Filtration Devices and Systems for Removal Efficiency In-Situ by Particle Sizes and Resistance to Airflow”.

Steve is a member of good standing of the following professional industry trade associations ASHRAE, AFE, IEST, BSA, AEE AIAQC, AIM/R and NAFA. He has written and authored several technical articles that were published in various national trade journals. In 1997 Steve contributed to the NAFA Installation Operation & Maintenance (IOM) Manual and in 2000-2001 to the 3rd Edition of the NAFA Guide to Air Filtration. He was also contributed to the Committee responsible for writing and publishing the NAFA User’s Guide for ASHRAE Standard 52.2-1999.

Stephen’s responsibilities also include training and educating architects and engineers, contractors, technicians and owners about the latest version of ASHRAE Standard 52.2-1999 “Method of Testing General Ventilation Air-Cleaning Devices for Removal Efficiency by Particle Size”. This standard now uses an alphanumeric system for reporting filter efficiencies. The new standard will use Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) parameters. This Standard is ANSI approved and it is written in regulatory or what is referred to as code language. Standard 52.2-1999 is also referenced in both ASHRAE Standards 62.1-2004 and 62.2-2003 “Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality”. These Standards are also written in enforceable code language. Steve’s presentations cover the proper use of Standard 52.2 for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Health Care, and Residential applications. We now offer training programs covering school classrooms to hospital operating rooms as well as certification classes for the NAFA Certified Technician, (NCT).